Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New York with a View

I’m in a New York state of mind as I have just returned from one of my most favourite cities.  Like my fellow Six and the City blogger Ruby Woo, I’ve chosen some of my pics as on this trip I think I had the best New York view ever!

Starting with a trip up Empire State building to show my boyfriend the true wonders of New York (and of course I was looking for a ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ style moment with a Tiffany ring with New York at my feet, but alas no) we had a perfect day with blue skies and promising sunshine.

Onto Central park where my romantic notions were fulfilled with a rowing boat round the lake, again I was hoping for some more warning to be suitably clad in an appropriate nautical ensemble but off we went round the lake which allowed for the most peaceful view of central Manhattan

Now for the partying…..our night of rooftop views started with a Cosmopolitan (cliché I know but I had to do it!) in the rooftop lounge of the Roosevelt on Madison Avenue, Mad 46.  A little chilly at this stage of the year but will be a plethora of beauties come the high season.

Then, we moved uptown to Upper East side to my friends apartment where we drank champagne on her rooftop terrace at sunset.  As I gulped down my jealousy and bubbles I made a promise to return again and again to this most wonderful place.

Love Bellarusso xx

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