Sunday, 8 May 2011

Flutter Those Lashes

Before anyone reads this post I would like to apologise for the mess that is my eyebrows, they are now some what disgustingly overgrown and awaiting their next H.D Brows treatment. 

I am very much an eyeshadow girl so it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to this new gem I have stumbled upon. 

This fabulous eye compact comes with enough eyeshadows to create three different types of natural eye looks, a handy little double ended brush and tutorial cards. So even if you're not an eyeshadow addict like me you'll be able to blend your way to beautiful eyes!

The first look I created was the "Classic" look, the instructions are so easy to follow you really can't go wrong. I often find that using concealer or foundation as an eyeshadow base helps to keep the eyeshadow lasting all day long. As with many eyeshadows I often find that half way through the day that it looks nothing like it did earlier that morning, these however stay put! 

Notice on the card how it tells you to "press" the eyeshadow onto the lid, this is a fab tip especially if you've already done the rest of your makeup as we all know the dreaded feeling when your makeup looks perfect until you realise that you have eyeshadow all over your face. 

The next look and probably my favorite look is the "Day look", it looks more sparkly and shimmery in the picture than it actually does, I think it must be the flash on my camera!

Last but not least we have the "Fashion" look, I LOVE the golden/bronze colour in this it looks amazing on blue eyes.

Now that I've found it this product is definitely one of my new favorites, much easier than carrying around my usual 5 single eyeshadows in my makeup bag. I love the 3 different variations of one look, although you could even mix them up to create your own looks if your feeling a bit more confident so if you feel like becoming an eyeshadow GENIUS then I suggest you try this kit and get practicing. 

Two Faced Cosmetics have stands in most Boots, Debenhams and House of Fraser stores. I think my next purchase may be the "Big Fat Lip Injection" I'm always looking for a way of enhancing my pout, I think it could rival Ms Beckham's now! 

What's your make up essentials? 

Lot's of love 

Tullulah Belle 

Ps. Again please excuse the eyebrows, I'll post my H.D brow results after my appointment! I promise they don't always look like this!


  1. Hi - my favourite product is Urban Decay's eyehadow primer potion - this is one of the best beauty discoveries I have made. I have been using it for years and have gadually converted all my frends! You put it on before your eyeshadow and basically it makes your eyeshadow A)go on exactly the same colour as it appears in the container and B)makes your eyeshadow stay on all day, with no creasing!

    I would definitly recommend!

    AmyP x

  2. Hi Amy,
    we love urban decay aswell will need to try this! xx