Monday, 23 May 2011

Quick fix mani

                                                              *product kindly supplied by Kiss Nails

So last week God certainly answered my prayers after I had moaned about the state of my nails - how could I let them be nothing more than perfect? Then a small package arrived from the wonderful Kiss  USA, a company who specialise in natural looking nails.

The box contained 28 nails with 14 different sizes, Pink glue and a small nail file. When I apply nails like these I always tend to bond my fingers together however with the self apply tab on each nail I happily avoided this. Most of the sizes were pretty much exact to my own nail and only a couple needed filed. 15 minutes later my nails looked like I had an hour long Mani - a very happy Madam Butterfly!

                                                              * excuse the stumpy fingers (it's just the angle, I promise)

So would I recommend these? Of course I would. I'm usually very apprehensive with press on nails but  these ones are very practical and just the right length. (Very important when you struggle to pick up your credit card!) The are available for £8.16 from Boots and come in a variety of different designs.

Madam Butterfly x

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