Wednesday, 18 May 2011

So on Monday evening, the Six and The City girls got invited along to see Vidal Sassoon The Movie, a special preview. One word - WOW. With our ben&jerry's (4 scoops of course) and goodybags filled with Sassoon goodies we toddled into the cinema ready for the movie to begin. Who new a film could be so inspiring, so much so we all want a Sassoon haircut and to become hairdressers. Comparing his previous work to the architecture of famous landmarks across the globe was incredible - who knew you could incorporate a the Sydney Opera House into a haircut - mental. We were glued to it, something that never happens for me - I'm a fidget at heart.

So if you looking for inspiration for a haircut - go and see this movie. I'm even considering chopping my long blonde locks to a sharp bob - but will I? Let me call Vidal and see what he thinks. (oh and I'll update on the Sassoon shampoo and conditioner soon)

Madam Butterfly x

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