Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This week Flossy’s trying...

We get lots of lovely goodies sent into the Six and the City office  - some days it resembles Christmas morning. We like to try out everything we receive and give an honest and useful critique.

This week I’m testing and reviewing headphones, a bath/massage oil and toothpaste – three of life's little necessities.

                         *Urbanears Tanto headphones

Headphones – you say is not really a necessity – well headphones are a major part of my life. As well as being clothes, shoe, hair, handbag and make up junkie I also can’t live without my iPod.  I play it every day. It’s the first thing I switch on when I get up and it always seems to be on. I have Bang & Olufson headphones, which I bought in the States several years ago and they are excellent, I also have the ones Apple, give you with your iPhone, iPod and shuffle, so I was very excited when Urbanears sent in headphones. I use headphones a lot – especially when travelling and when out walking – they definitely keep away the local chatty people – you know the ones you can never get away from. These headphones looked really cool; although I was a little disappointed mine were canary (their colour name – but on the button!) They are called Tanto and are the headband kind. The uncool colour and strange name apart – I loved them really light, great sound and unlike similar headband types they didn’t slip off. I loved the packaging and the little book, which is a very easy, read  - in the way the back of the Innocent Smoothie bottle is.  I’d give Urbanears the thumbs up and when I’m next looking to renew my headphones I might try their Plattan (in black!)

                                     *Retardex toothpaste 

My next review is really easy for me as I already use it and have travelled far and wide to buy this toothpaste – at one point I could only get Retardex in Harrods or Bliss Chemist at Marble Arch.  I’m quite loyal to a product and when I get one I like I tend to stick with it. I think I’ve used this since it was launched. It’s great tasting - really cleans your teeth and the mouth wash and breath freshener works a treat too. Thank goodness Boots now stock it and it’s usually on a 3 for 2!

                   *Nelson's Arnicare Bath and Massage Balm

The last product I tested this weekend was Nelson’s Arnicare Bath & Massage Balm. Perfect to sooth my aching limbs after a Saturday night tripping the light fantastic. My legs were well and truly in need of some TLC. I put some of the balm in my bath but I didn’t really think it did much, so I decided to use it on my skin. This was the much better option. It felt lovely and really worked into the skin well not oily or greasy.  The only thing I would suggest is that the bottle has a smaller opening as when I poured it into my hands too much came out too quickly and I had to quickly put it on and then go back and massage it in – a small point but for me it would make me use it again. 

Flossy xx

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