Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dear God...

*Alexander McQueen - £too much

I'm not a bad person. I give to charity, brush my teeth every night and have recently taken up running. Please use your powers to magic these into my life. If they appear on my doorstep tomorrow morning, I will ask no questions.

Thanks in advance, 
Chelsea D x

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bring it on…

I’m sure you’ve heard the lovely Six and the City ladies talk of our dismal summer weather but alas it didn’t get much better until I have started looking forward to Autumn.  As soon as I thought of making plans for my autumnal wardrobe, the sun bursts out and I’m sweltering in my tights and ankle boots!

I’m not throwing the gauntlet in as I know this warm spell will only be a brief fling.  Here is what I’ll be looking forward to most for the new season

Autumnal colours that work perfectly with my pale Scottish skin and red hair and I wont have the never ending debate about whether to tan or not.  Don’t worry, I never do tan as my paler than paler skin would certainly look tangoed!

An easier transition to thick tights from bare legs are these gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent heart print tights from Net-a-Porter

Leather Knee High Mui Mui Riding Boots – a total classic that would see me through anything that the Scottish winter may bring,

Maybe I’m going back to my country roots but the Liberty fabric lined Barbour is certainly hitting my Christmas list.

Ok so a bit of sparkle is needed, well that will just have to be the ruby and diamond engagement ring that is now residing on my left hand J

Love Bellarusso xx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

So long those Su-ummer nights

So after a fabulous Summer (you'd think it already ended) I've come to the conclusion that gladiators, bikinis and sunglasses must be packed away for another year . .  and it's not even the end of August.

HOWEVER another dilemma beckons. This weekend see's me turn the big 2-1 yes 21 and the thought is driving me over the edge - massively. So I didn't want a party, speeches scare me, although I can talk for Scotland! So I thought yeah a bbq could be ideal. Well first problem what do you wear to your birthday BBQ? Do you go all out essex/casual/beach babe - as you can tell I have no idea.

I do have a slight obsession with coloured jeans and baggy vests so this could be an option? Maybe like Cameron Diaz above - but not with open toe shoes!

Secondly - what do you do with all those people when if rains?!

So tonight see's me going shopping for THEE birthday outfit - I feel I should've been more organised however any ideas/suggestions/outfit images would be ideal - feel free to suggest ANYTHING!

The next time I'll be writing here I'll be 21 - ahh!

Madam B x

Street Festival

I’ve been luck enough to spend some time at the Edinburgh Festival this year, and as long as you are mentally and fashionably prepared for the rain it is a great place to loose yourself. As the festival begins to wrap up for another year, my highlight of 2011 was Schlomo Mouthatronic – a one man show of intense high energy genre-hopping human beatboxing, mixed with storytelling from the man himself. This was pretty much one of the most entertaining hours of my life. A bold statement perhaps, but this guy was incredible taking you on a journey from his Iranian grandparents house to the darkest, dirtiest clubs of the Lower East Side. If you get the opportunity to see this guy, then do it.

In contrast I also visited a new spa on Hanover Street – the perfect tonic for the morning after the night before. Pristine white and atheistically ethereal, just entering Zen Lifestyle was enough to clear my conscience. My time here was purely cosmetic based, with an HD Brow and Shellac manicure appointment. Zen is the only spa in the capital that offers the (highly addictive) HD Brow service so I was in much need of my monthly fix. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Swedish Style Mafia...

Ok so I have returned from Ibiza and the Balearic blues are still going strong. I am planning a post on my holiday outfits, I have just been manic busy and haven't had time to upload -  I will do this v soon!

In the meantime, I have been a bit lost in fashion limbo lately. I want a bit of a reinvention Madonna style for A/W (I am so bored of my look) and have been madly influenced by the stunning Scandinavian girls that grace the Ibiza beaches. Yes I'd like to dye my hair Nordic blonde (I have dark skintone and brown eyes) but I think that might be pushing things a little. Instead, I'm going to have to drape myself head to toe in Acne and just party hard (shouldn't be too difficult...)

Some of my inspirational images...

Chelsea Dagger x