Thursday, 2 February 2012

To Betty Hula, with love

Dear Betty Hula,

After a month of detoxing (yes, no alcohol for a full 31 days, minus a glass of champagne but that was essential) my skin is feeling super smooth and fresh. I'm not sure if it's the lack of white wine, a new gym membership or a recent detox spa day, but I'm convinced it's your products I found in my Christmas stocking. The Champagne & Spice and Rum & Blackcurrant moisturisers have made the cold weather almost bearable. The holiday smells instantly warm you up, while the Secret Wonder Oil soothes the skin from too much central heating! Betty Hula has now become part of my daily beauty routine, and I'm convinced your products will work just as well in summer as they do in winter.  
With Love

Ruby Woo


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